Manny Decides

Join Us this Sunday on Rose All Day Juleigh’s A Mess _Optimistic In Orlando at 7pm Live as Manny Carames-West joins Juleigh and Rebecca To Talk about What it was like dating in a metro city from a gay male’s perspective

What Orlando Pride Week Has Taught Me-

NOBODY CARES ABOUT OR UNDERSTANDS INTERSEX PEOPLE OR EVEN WHAT IT MEANS TO BE INTERSEX. Anybody who has ever advocated about something they are passionate about will probably inform you […]

What Was I Made For?

Because what can you do? I’m here. I cannot leave. So, HOPE is where it’s at. Hope for a different outcome, Hope for happier times, Hope for less ignorance, and more acceptance and a life with a partner filled with Love and a feeling that I AM ALIVE AND WORTHY.

Central Alabama Pride Press Release

Meet JULEIGH June 10th-11th in Birmingham Alabama

Please read and share this exciting event for Central Alabama’s Pride Weekend in Birmingham Alabama June 10-11th 2023.

I Can Be Both

I Can be Both

Juleigh was asked by a friend to be a part of a social media post dedicated to the role women play in certain individual’s eyes as only being able as […]