“I know I am creating ripples that long term might make a difference. That’s important to me. Nobody said advocacy was easy…But once it finds you, you feel like you need to keep doing it for the people behind you” – Juleigh Mayfield

Unity In The Community

One of my favorite connections led to Angelique, Myself and Anya discussing relationships, knowing our value and the way we all come from different upbringings and traumas and shared experiences to create a perfect blend and while some may see fractures of colors, If you turn it a little and focus in that the luminous collectives align just like a Kaleidescope!

Manny Decides

Join Us this Sunday on Rose All Day Juleigh’s A Mess _Optimistic In Orlando at 7pm Live as Manny Carames-West joins Juleigh and Rebecca To Talk about What it was like dating in a metro city from a gay male’s perspective

What Orlando Pride Week Has Taught Me-

NOBODY CARES ABOUT OR UNDERSTANDS INTERSEX PEOPLE OR EVEN WHAT IT MEANS TO BE INTERSEX. Anybody who has ever advocated about something they are passionate about will probably inform you […]

What Was I Made For?

Because what can you do? I’m here. I cannot leave. So, HOPE is where it’s at. Hope for a different outcome, Hope for happier times, Hope for less ignorance, and more acceptance and a life with a partner filled with Love and a feeling that I AM ALIVE AND WORTHY.

Central Alabama Pride Press Release

Meet JULEIGH June 10th-11th in Birmingham Alabama

Please read and share this exciting event for Central Alabama’s Pride Weekend in Birmingham Alabama June 10-11th 2023.

I Can Be Both

I Can be Both

Juleigh was asked by a friend to be a part of a social media post dedicated to the role women play in certain individual’s eyes as only being able as […]