Juleigh Mayfield

Juleigh Mayfield

Preeminent XXY Doctor Has Fallen


As an Intersex and XXY advocate I cannot tell you how DISTURBING this story is!!

AXYS also known as Genetics.org here in the United States has been telling every XXY parent to send their XXY Sons to a Dr. Darius Paduch, Said to be the Leading DR in terms of helping your genetically struggling Son. When advocates have wildly disputed his claims in a multitude of forums those disputes have often been met with a choir of Supporters and Parents who have situated him so high on a pedestal that this news will rock the core of XXY. This story broke yesterday evening and by this morning the amount of patients coming forward has gone from 7 to 35!! A serious of Civil Lawsuits and federal charges have dropped.

I think what particularly, is damming is the fact that AXYS had a Pedo on its board for years!! The yearly Conferences were grooming XXY individuals and inviting them to Sex Parties at the said Host Hotel. While that incident happened over 15 years ago, The fact that Genetics.org continued to support Dr. Paduch is Disturbing. AXYS is also the staunch organization that has made Ryan Bregante their Poster child and he often is brought to the table for only wanting to meet with XXY Boys as opposed to talking to others in the community who have lived with the genetic issues for a lot longer. While no one has come out about Ryan it just all seems suspect that there is so much reported abuse at the hands of AXYS over the years.

A new film is coming out this Friday June 30th called Every Body. Its a documentary by Julie Cohen that centers on the Intersex community and also talks about another Dr. A Dr. Money who has marginalized our community in writing and text on how to deal with the Intersex Community!! Then in the mid 2000’s it was reported that his damaging practices were in fact not True and abusive. Now we have medical practitioners who are Abusing the weak, the very individuals that need critical care to survive.


You tell people w3e are broken and not viable and need to be fixed and all the while you are sexually abusing us!! Just Like Aspen Dental abuses patients!

This has enraged me! Im sitting here crying!! Im so MAD!!

NY Doctor Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges, But State Was Aware of Claims 5 Years Earlier – NBC New York


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