Juleigh Mayfield

Juleigh Mayfield

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OPTIMISTIC IN ORLANDO A new Podcast from JustJuleigh.com focusing on Online Dating in a Big Touristy State and all the Love and Un Loved aspects of it all in 2023

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If you are unaware, Juleigh is back in Orlando. Juleigh is, like so many others unlucky in online dating.

while engaging and unforgettable in person, online she is lost in a sea of mismatches and men with Fish pics, catfishing and Narcissists. If you are familiar with Juleigh’s dating patterns she tends to go for the Dreamy, Tall, Athletic, Bad Boys?!

Rebecca Davis is a colleague and friend and has a knack for putting Juleigh to task in her search for love and is deeply rooted in reality. To put it mildly, as a recent on looker in a Cigar bar said, “She is Savage!!” to quote Rebecca “Every guy is an asshole!!”

In This series, Juleigh has given access to her online dating profiles and Rebecca will choose each week sight unseen to Juleigh eligible bachelors. Rebecca will read bio’s each week and IF Juleigh likes men from Bios Juleigh will receive a photo of said individual. If it’s a Go Rebecca will initiate, contact and leave the rest up to Juleigh. (God Help Us All)

Each Guy will receive a code name to protect their anonymity and security online. This is how they will be described in future episodes. Will they date, will they ask for Adult Fun Time? Will they wife her up?! Nothing will be left on the table as they say in Radio as these two discuss the Highs and Lows to Online dating each week in this witty and side-splitting social experiment.

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