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I haven't posted on this blog in 16 days, and here I sit crying

June 3rd 2020

I hit 6000 followers on TikTok this last week.


six thousand


Its amazing what that feels like! I have more followers on a app that spurns creativity out of boredom than I do on this blog, LOL

The thing that is truly amazing is the love and outpouring of kindness I have received in just the last 2 weeks on that site. the 1st 3k followers I had worked hard to achieve, following all the tricks, posting content, duets, hastags, followed trends, even shelled out a few “I’m very Riches” in a few dubious live chats of other tokers.

then last week a new hastag popped up. #Storytime.

I summed up my story in 60secs , added music and posted it. As of last night it had 80.3k views 800 comments and 8k likes!

and then 2000 more followers in 2 days!!

to quote the Brits I’m Gobsmacked , maybe blessed, probably blessed, definitely Blessed.

I responded to every comment with a ty or a redirect to this blog. some required me to educate even more about what it means to be living this life.

I turn 45 in 15 days.

2 years since I started on this 2nd chapter of my life , having to swing to the female end of the spectrum, finding out that my life could of been perpetually different if I hadn’t begun taking the estrogen. Being told “you won’t make it past 48 years old”.

I haven’t posted on this blog in 16 days and today planning on adding 3 post, im sitting at the laptop crying. pushing back tears. people always comment that I’m strong, Sometimes I think, I’m strong because of all the support  I get. Friends, family and 6k toks and growing

Much Love-Juleigh

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