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The Gays Of Our Lives

There is a podcast on itunes and spotify as well as being a vlogcast called

“The Gays Of Our Lives”

Hosted by comedian Lissa Sears and Avery Sanders , this podcast navigates thru the realms of the LGBTQIA+ Community and tackles marginalization with witt, strength, humor and education for a better tomorrow.

To quote the host

Two very different perspectives from the LGBT Community , covering a variety of topics.

as i continue to advocate for the intersex community i am always looking for ways to tell my XXY story and talk about what it means to be intersex.

imagine my delight when a friend on facebook said that Lissa had reached out to him to be a part of this blog and he said ” i am not as verse in this as you , so I recommended you!”

Delighted I am!

Last Saturday , before I was re introduced to the world of CRAWFISH Boils in southern Louisiana. (yes , I suck the head!) i got my coffee, poured in a carton of creamer and situated myself on zoom. what was supposed to last a mere 45 mins turned into a 2 hour plus, raucous good time.

i was in my element, in front of a camera , educating the masses. Lissa said she had never understood what it meant to be Intersex or how it even falls into the LGBTQIA stratosphere and that honestly is not surprising , Very few people , even in the regular world of heterosexuals know what intersex is or XXY or even that its not about both Sex organs as it is about gender and genetics.

Most people say”intersex?? , Oh that’s also called Hermaphrodite, right?”

It is NOT that

hermaphrodite is being born with bothe sex organs. A Penis and a Vagina Being intersex means you have characteristics of both genders. A mixed bag of everything and anything. You could have both sex organs, you could have ambiguous organs, you could have partil organs, you could have a penis or just a vagina. its complicated at best. you could have 1 of 39 plus variations that reside between the typical XX or XY on the gender spectrum.

We suffer from diseases that affect male and female. I now have Lupus and Osteo issues. I suffer from Epilepsy, since birth. was born with 1 ovary and 1 testicle and a partial uterus and partial pancreas. Breast tissue, no adam’s apple. My issues are very different from someone else on the gender spectrum (see my arts and craft drawing if you are visual)

This is a wonderful podcast and i cannot wait to see the final product. please follow them, and please watch next week at 8pm eastern on youtube to see my awesome lesson and education. the video releases at 8pm on Tuesdays and the audio releases on Wednesday mornings on spotify and Itunes

Without education we cannot grow- Julegh

have a blessed week.

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