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I do not own Duck pants. i would never mix Plaid and A Bumblebee Tie and Pants with rubber ducks on them and them wear them to a wedding!

It was April of 2016, In Southern Louisiana. i was surrounded by the LGBTQIA community for the union of my dear friends Lindsay Bradford and Jerry Mcklemmurry  , in holy matrimony , before God and Family and I would not have mixed animals and plaid.

its 2020 and June, Ive been staying with the Bradford-Mcklemurry’s for a week now, and at our first shindig ( a re introduction to CRAWFISH) I was cajoled for wearing DUCK PANTS LOL.

multiple people said “You wore Duck pants! I did’nt and I’ve held steadfast to the fact that I have not.

Lindsay, plled out the keepsakes today and guess what???

NO DUCK PANTS!! SO Suck it , lol (see proof) below.

But what if I had?? Who cares?? They remembered my presence at the wedding! They remembered me being there.

i turn 45 in 15 days. Lindsay has been begging me to return for a visit. these last few months have been trying for all of us. Covid 19, death , the BLM movement, It has reminded me how much is truly important. Ive reconnected with old friends, Ive witnessed sacrifice for children sake. while teaching them right and wrong, Humility and Kindness in an ever changing world.

Lindsay , has a 14 yo bio daughter  and now thanks to the wonderful programs of adoption and fostering , Jerri and Lindsay have added 3 -2yolds to the mix!!


surrounded by dear friends and Guncles and Gaunts. Family and Co horts…holding down professional careers. Its not easy , but the monumental love they have for everyone radiates through everything they embrace, every person they know.

where am I going with this??

They LOVE ME! I am included, Sure I have people who love me everywhere. That is not what i meant.

I think I admire their Strength. Im surrounded by STRONG Women. Encouraging, Inspiring, Strong Women

Now after this random rant about Duck Pants and Chosen Family……

Im hungry

how about a Strawberry???

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