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Tik Tok in a shut down world

Tik Tok could be a phenomenon on its own. 15secs to sell yourself or 60secs and hope your content allows you to be famous.

Famous isn’t something that finds you while drinking a milkshake at Schwabs. It’s work. Even on Tok…it’s networking and support and growth and Tok has blown up during this pandemic.

Supposedly, there are over 700 million users as young as 10 all the way up to 90. Moms and Dads , Gramps and Granna, models, Thirsty Men and Women, Teachers, Drag Queens, Singles, with nothing to do and a huge halt to my dating life and push to start my Documentary, I joined. I’m super excited that In just 2 months Im creating around 3k followers. My goal is 5k by my birthday.

There are some people Ive met who have had AMAZING stories and I thought it would be a great way to introduce people to my story and shooting them over here to read my blog. It has and I’ve been able to share more education about what it is to be Intersex and 47XXY. That’s Always a win.

It’s also very easy to Binge Watch Tik Tok videos. It’s like falling down a rabbit hole.

Ladies, there also is NO SHORTAGE of attractive , shirtless men, truckers, professionals and men that want to lip sync the script to 50 shades of Grey. Your Welcome.

But Lastly, you will connect with people like you , in your lane. What do I mean by that?

I met a Tik Tok guru. He’s wise and sage and talented and has so much going for him outside of this app, but he’s built a community within a community and his “Nuggets” or #nuggz as we are called make the call to log in , worth logging in every day Roger-(dinar.daddy) has crafted a family of misfits all looking for love and support. He nurtures and guides and expresses an inane love for all. His heart is Big and he wears it on his sleeve, championing the whipper snappers and everyone else.

Ty for helping me grow and ty for what you do on the daily for others❤️

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