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A Big Thank You!! and HOWDY

The Worlds Largest Plastic Coat hanger

Tiktok has been a great way to advocate for XXY and my journey! On my TikTok journey I have mat some amazing people who have turned into AMAZING Family. One of those tokers is the multi talented and generous of love and heart @Tx_Charm or Mary K. Digiovanni.

For Christmas Mary invited me to come to her town in Texas to spend Christmas with her family and friends. Mary along with our good friend Shawn “Rinna” Rios payed for my round trip ticket to Texas for 2 weeks of shenanigans’ , Photo shoots, The worlds Biggest Plastic Coat hanger, Patsy Frazier time, Whataburger, and WHITE VANS!

we made Candles ( She makes and sells them) , tried to figure out how to watch Wonder Woman and I even learned how to play video games with her adorable son, Nico (I call him Necco).

to say this woman does it all and took the time out of her chaotic life to make me feel loved and included is an understatement. I am grateful to her and look forward to our growing friendship.

if any of you like my new pictures in the red sweater and greyish /green poncho those are all courtesy of Mary and her KND Photography.

Thank you Mary, Mario, Nico, Patsy, Luna and the pug and Goats!!

until next time…….. I would lite a Lavender and Cedarwood Candle but they have not arrived yet , lol

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  1. In the short time you have been in my life you have become family. We miss you so much and can’t wait for you to come back and visit, hopefully you get moved down here within the year. Miss your face!