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Update on my Birth Certificate ~ Alabama

Change is Here!!

Change is in the air and its Fucking Glorious!! I as an intersex female have been fighting Alabama separately for a few years to allow me to change my Birth Certificate so that I may get a new passport and update so many things in my life!

Today, In Alabama a Judge declared that Alabama can no longer require a Trans person to prove they have had SRS to update their Drivers License!! THIS IS HUGE!! This may make my Birth Certificate re certification a mute point!!

Read todays article, below

Judge: Alabama can’t require transgender people to have reassignment surgery to change driver’s licenses – al.com

Not only is this big news but President Biden has hand chosen Dr. Levine from PA. to be his Head of Health. You might not think this is a landmark decision as its just another dr added to another cabinet. Dr. Levine is the first Out Transgendered doctor to not only hold this title but to be named to a presidential cabinet, PERIOD! EVER! Things are changing!

Have a great week!

~Love you! Mean It! ~Juleigh

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