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Juleigh Mayfield

We are Up and Running

Thank you to all for your support! We at JustJuleigh are thrilled to announce that her website is up and running and are super excited about some of the things coming your way as you each continue to Love her like WE do!

Juleigh will be doing live broadcast from her TikTok and YouTube platforms showcasing her merchandise and Lifestyle tidbits.

She has a new Patreon account set up where you can subscribe monthly to support her. Your support at different tiers will enable you to receive different perks. a 5.00$ commitment will get you more time in a private live or podcast. 10$ might get you a little more. etc. Check out her patreon account on her website page where the links can be found.

One of Juleigh’s most popular tiktoks of December was her “Hidden Candy” video and after many designs we will be releasing her official hidden candy merch. you will be able to pick out your own color and style in our store tab on the home page. Store will go live in just a few days. Make sure you show your love for Juleigh and Hidden Candy in your fashionable new Tshirt or Hoodie for all humans!!

Juleigh is also working on a book!!

So many exciting things!! We LOVE You all and here is a quick note from Juleigh-

Hi ~

I love each and everyone of you for not only supporting my platform but for supporting and loving me!! Thank you for being open and receptive to my story and well, my Life!! “My friends have made the story of my life!”

Lets have some fun!!!~Jules

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