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Why Does Others Opinion Matter So Much?

I’ve told her recently it is one of my LEAST favorite character flaws within her.

That she lives in a glass house

For many years , I too cared what people thought of me. That’s what she instilled, with all the compassion and kindness she spurned in me , she also ate away at my very importance of self by telling me and teaching me by example that it matters what others think of me.

Having XXY and Now having to fully swing the pendulum to the Female side has in fact taught me that , it does not.

It should not.

She told me today a family friend asked about me. She laid out the struggles, the pain, the NIH study, the test, the surgeries and yet Did not tell her that in order to live longer I had to change, she said she said “He” .during the whole conversation, referred to me as He, He, HE!

Does she not see the damage she continues to inflict out of the notion that someone might think differently of her?? ”

Is she fearful the Hair salon fodder might sound like this??

“OH GOD, She has a Daughter that was born BOTH!! She raised her as Boy but Now the Boy is a She…..(So that she might live longer) Like a Seahorse or a Freak of Nature and Well “It” came from HER!!!! Aggghhhhh call the Paper!!”

Wouldn’t they find her Strong or supportive??

If they Don’t , why does it Matter??

She CONSTANTLY Says God does not make mistakes but Hides me away!!

When we meet our maker it will be just him, not a room of your peers. How will he think of you?

I Wish someone would back her into a corner and ask her WHY Others Perception of her MATTERS. Why does she CHOOSE to let it have So much importance?

Why Does it MATTER??

Are they Paying your bills? Are they sharing your Life? Are they your Heavenly Father? Are you Married to them?? Will they be at your deathbed??

It’s NOT Important

I would think how your viewed by your children might Rank up there.

You’ve hurt me!!!

You continue to Hurt me by not validating what I have had to endure. That does not mean you only talk about what your comfortable talking about. If your SO inclined to share about my struggles, You SHARE the Whole Enchilada, Lady!!

You Kicked and Screamed thru all 44 years and I’m here to tell you! I was not born of GOD to make your life Easier. My Journey is NOT about YOU.

YOUR Journey is about YOU!

What other People THINK about you Does Not Matter and I’m Sad for you that you missed out on so many beautiful moments because you think it SO!

The Bible says “Honor Thy Parents” Shouldn’t they Honor the “Gifts” bestowed on them, especially if none of them are Mistakes?

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