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Trans/Intersex dating is the Pits!

Looking For Love in all the Wrong Places-

Unbreak My Heart

Rose Garden

Love on a shoestring

You’ve Got a Friend (Zone) in Me.

These are Great Songs.

They dot the landscape of my preverbal Dating Playlist

Dating is HARD

For Everyone these days…I know it, you know it, every Dating platform around knows it.

Yet we are still told “Quit looking for Love! It will find you! When you Least expect it! You’ll instantly catch feels for THE ONE…”Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Here are some Facts

We’ve raised a Whole Generation Of men and women that are OK with “NETFLIX and CHILL” So why?? Cultivate a relationship??

Chivalry is in fact DEAD

PEOPLE Want to test out the merchandise before they buy.

When people are afraid of the situation you are put in the Friend Zone (Usually After bring Test Driven, Thus making your friendship way awkward because you’ve seen them in their Birthday Suit)

People think that a Date is something on a Cheese and Fruit Plate

In a Search to be satisfied in their own skin, people often forget that other people have feelings too

Texting is not an appropriate form of working out issues

Porn is NOT a Valid representation of Reality

People Lie about Intent, to get what they want

I could Go on Forever. Those are all things that most of society deal with. They are not specific to a specialized group

Those are True for Most, Sadly.

When your Intersex or Trans you find that you have to be Wholly Transparent about what your bringing into the situation

I often am sharing My Whole life story on a first date…Let’s be honest here, in the first Online Chat.

Long gone are the days of Friends Setting Up friends (Never happens)

Sure I flirt with people in public and they flirt back but nothing catches

When they find out your trans you instantly become fetishized and something on their Bucket List.

They want to have you in bed but hide you in public

I’ve been told by 6 guys in 12 months that they are seeking a relationship out of the gate. They want to make sure we are a fit. It’s important to see if we are sexually compatible, etc. then they never call you again.

Or they tell you “I’ve always dreamt of having a Trans Woman!” (Usually a red Flag)

Recently, I met a Younger Guy that I thought was different. Attentive, not Sex Crazed, creative, loving , hurt by a past relationship

He’s still hurt by that relationship, We are currently not labeling whatever THIS Is and He has renewed for me in a week what I thought was gone forever. There are still guys out there that will Love me for ME. They are not all cads. You just have to find them. He has seen me in forms that are not flattering, no Wigs, no teeth in, my physical wounds, my malnourished manatee body and White Girl wasted. He has stuck around.

Life is hard, brings us all challenges. We are all trying to maintain and survive.

Don’t become so bitter that you miss out on finding people to help shoulder love and heal each other!! It’s important

–Juleigh 💕

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