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Just a 6 week Delay 🛏

I have a friend in California, Who lives a fast paced life. Vivacious, Talented, Actress married to an Actor and has a Precocious, Handsome, intelligent Kid.

She’s Always asking me to write more.

I have Six weeks to do that , so you may see a lot of blog post in that time. Your going to get 2 today. JOY!!

I’ve shared before in this Blog that No one seems to read that at 43 I contracted Lupus. In Intersex individuals , Systemic Lupus seems to manifest as leg and foot ulcers.


Like the constant fatigue and pressing desire to lay in bed all day isn’t enough already, let’s add necrotic holes on your legs and feet that NEVER CLOSE.

Talk about creative ways to hide them in social situations!! I live in Florida, Pants are not always the coolest option and fluids ruin Shoes and Socks.

Oh!! Just forget right now how fun dating becomes??!

Potential life Partner: “WTH is going on with your feet??”

Me: “Oh That?? STIGMATA!”

Easter Of Last Year-

Woman at Grocery Store At Checkout in her best Outside Voice: “What the Hell is Going on with your Feet?? That is Disgusting!!”

Me: ” Bitch, Please…..I was cast a Jesus in My churches Passion Play and this is Special FX makeup and your not being very Christian for Wearing that Cross Pin on your Lapel??! I’ll pray for you , lol”

Finally after the year I’ve already had I was scheduled for Skin Grafting to assist in closing the wounds.

Skin Grafting on anyone is a crap shoot I guess.

If ever you want to know how it’s performed or how they harvest the skin to put down there (Often from your own body) YouTube, has you covered.

With the already compromised Auto Immunity issues , Many XXYs face , harvesting the skin from my own body could result in another infected site , So it was decided to Use Stem Cells to agitate and cover the Craters gracing my feet.

To be exact…Placenta

The process was explained before surgery as “Going in and feverishly scrubbing and cleaning the wound bed, removing dead tissue and stirring up the wound and active skin cells. Then the Graft will be placed over the wound and sutured to your foot. A Wound Vacuum will be placed on top of Site to aid in creating a tight seal to ensure Graft adheres. Foot will be wrapped in a 90 degree angle as to limit the movability of feet as to not disrupt recovery. Because of the sensitivity of the Graft , it will take 6 weeks of Limited movement to see if it takes. As your Doctor I can’t be prof positive that it will and You, might have to have more Grafting done in the future!”

SO, Here I lay in Bed. For 6 Weeks.

Netflixed Out! Read every Book, Blog, Magazine, and Rooms To Go Sale Flier.

Listened to the Cars Pass outside, the Dogs bark at the Pool man and…………..

It’s only been 3 days.

I lost my TV remote, Briefly yesterday and had a complete meltdown.

People always ask? “What can I do for you? Or can I help? ”

In All honesty though you can’t ever think of anything at the time they ask. I often don’t want people to help me. I’m Very independent and have been my whole life. You guys have a million things going on , it’s hard to put even more on your shoulders.

So I don’t ask

6 Weeks

I start having Nicholas the Home healthcare Nurse coming by 3 times a week to change the Wound Vac Battery and Outer Dressing. That Starts Today, Friday the 14th

I find HHC to be a little like the service repair technicians who fix your refrigerator, Cable or Washing Machine.

You Know, “We will be there sometime between 8am and 7pm. If you miss us you’ll have to reschedule!”

When you meet them , They often chastise you. “What are you doing up?? And Walking?? You are supposed to be IN BED!”

Me: Well I agree! I just don’t know where my Butler has Gone!! Maybe he’s preparing my dinner , It’s full balanced…He brings it too me in bed, fluffs my pillows , serves me Tea….Maybe he’s Busy…”

I find saying it with a Dry Tone and Eye Rolls , really seem to send the message Home.

We will See how this plays out!

When I called to set up the Nurse , I was told “Mam We are sending your husband a Male Nurse.!”

I was like …..Uh well, I’m not married and the care is for me, I realize you go by the info on my insurance card and I’ll be changing that soon , But in this House “Dude, Looks like a Lady!”

So 6 Weeks

I guess I could find the silver lining in the Hopes that Nicholas is going to be Hot, Buff, young and Single??


Until next Time-Juleigh 💕😂

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