Juleigh Mayfield

Juleigh Mayfield

California 2019

I was blessed with a trip and the freedom to go stay in one of my favorite states in the union! California, recharges me,,,,allows me to be shop and network and be around creatives.

This trip took me to the Oscars and the Governors Ball to hang with some dear winners. Congrats Bob Pirichetti. I went to Lisa Vanderpumps new bar and restaurant “Tom Toms and met Tom Schwatrz and Jax Taylor.

I spent many weeks in Newport Beach catching looks and cool breezy vibes

made a mermaid on the beach’

went to a production meeting in Vegas while working on a creative project for XXY Awareness before going to see CHER . Girl Trips are always fun!!! The trip as a whole was production and tiring and now im back in Orlando trying to control the urge to lay down lol so much to do,,,,,and get skin grafting…….eeek


check out or media page to see more pictures from the California trip

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