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If the world was ending, you’d come over right?

It’s the end of March. The 30th to be exact. My last entry was on the 5th and March was slated to be a great month for me! On the 14th we were going to have “Night Of Pride” to benefit Orlando’s Come out with Pride and would have been my first outing with the board of COWP.

March 19 I was to fly to California to spend time with Dolly and my West Coast family.

March 26 I was going to be speaking at Las Vegas’s The Center talking about my XXY journey and Documentary and starting my Documentary with some west coast interviews. It was going to be an awesome MARCH .

Then , that all turned into Self Isolation and protecting yourself from Covid19 also known as the coronavirus!

That turned into the country with the highest cases. The Country , least prepared, people getting fired, loosing jobs, struggling to pay rent, mortgages and car notes. Hospitals being overcrowded people starting to Die.

Die. Death. And if not from this virus. It’s coming, from every other thing that’s been killing us , already and then the suicide rates are going to jump and when all is said and done. Neighbors and Family and Friends will be Gone.

I think there will be more Funerals than Weddings this year. 2,000 plus already. In the USA.

Friends wanted me to talk about HOPE.

To talk about comfort food, w

here I grew up, Pretty toes. I think people are hungry for ANYTHING but this virus. What’s happening, the unknown is deafening.

Tonight, a new friend shared a song with me.

If the World is Ending

All my thoughts right now are the same as yours. I’m here for all of you.

This virus, puts a lot into perspective.

Stay Home. Stay Safe

-Juleigh 💕🌈

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