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I have a Chainsaw....

This Week has Provided some Hurdles.

It’s Thursday. March 5th. Monday I awoke to my 1st public Death threat. Sure a down beat. Upswing though on Tuesday as I met with a friend and Mentor at Orlando Pride and discussed my new role as a Board Member.

Wednesday came and The verdict in my Birth Certificate case came out. Down beat , again. Wednesday night Came and I received a call from a young XXY in California, Sharing he had NO One to talk to and thanking me for my courage.

Let’s process all of this.

Death Threat?! Monday morning I opened that secondary mailbox on a social media platform. As I share my story and the XXY and am now a board member and gain exposure , my accounts need to be public and that allows a transparency that is going to have its downfalls. I opened the message not giving pause that it could be unpleasant.

“I’ve seen your News Coverage. Your insipid belief that your both genders. You’re not a woman! Do you want to be?? I have a chainsaw…I will gladly assist. Better yet, I have a shooting range, We are always looking for targets. Why don’t you gather some of your freak friends and trannies and step onto my property.”

I blocked it and Deleted it. Unblocked it Screenshot it and Blocked it. Reported the account reached out to local au and then deleted it.

Turned on YouTube and started to watch Disney Parades from my time working there. Fell into my happy place. Fully submerged myself in a time where I felt loved, supported and magical. All DAY.

When I began to process it, I shared the threat with my inner circle and Cried but not why you might think. In the shower as the water washed away my tears , I thought “Who Has that much Anger and HATE for someone that has absolutely no bearing on their own journey?” “Why would they spend the extra energy to reach out and share that?” I felt my spirit say “Juleigh , Your sharing your story and it RESONATES! You can’t know if it resonates fear or joy in someone else, but you continue to share it. Your not responsible for how someone else processes it. But, you continue to share it. I’ve GOT You!”

Tuesday, I was so excited! I was meeting with Jeff. He is the President of the Board of Orlando Pride and coming off of our first Board meeting in February he had requested “ One on Ones” to get to know his team better …informal Downtown, we would talk about our strengths , plan for the year etc.

I honestly thought he was going to say “We made a Mistake, You are OUT?!😂🤣🤪🌈” I felt like I was going to meet the principle and after the initial jitters and a HUGE LOL moment with the Hostess, involving a possible “New Flame” on my phone and Jeff and another board member on the patio, I settled in , noshed on shoestring fries and WAS Completely reassured that I have a place, a voice, a platform, respect, newfound allies and a Place at the Table.

Wednesday morning March 4th , 2020. I awoke to my Attorney calling. “Juleigh, the verdict for your case has come down, We are doing a press conference at 12:30 at UCF. News Outlets would like to get your response on camera. “ it was 10:34am

To be honest , I didn’t want to find out with The World. I felt like with the case itself and the help I had received from the UCF staff and students and the support and coverage local reporters had put into it, that I owed them that much to do so. So , I got dressed.

Dr. Irene Pons, My Friend first and Lawyer picked me up and we headed to UCF. It had been a week and while I had just changed my weekly estrogen patch yesterday and should of been TOTALLY HORMONAL, I kinda felt nothing in the exact moment. The FIRST INTERSEX CASE EVER in FLORIDA.

My Go to is deflecting with humor. I did. Here goes


The Judicial 9th District, failed me. The judge said while he empathized with my challenges and reserve that he doesn’t feel he has jurisdiction in my petition to change the gender marker on my Alabama Birth Certificate.

Alabama says the ONLY Way a Birth Certificate can be changed in Gender , is for PROOF of SRS Surgery to be present! I was born both. I only needed Estrogen to bring forth the female characteristics that were already present in my body. It wasn’t even me “Transitioning “ …I’m not Transgendered. I was born both 47XXY. Not enough definitive characteristics to be either gender due to having an Extra “X” chromosome.

XXYs are One of over 39 Variations in between “Xx” and “Xy” HOW Do I Prove That to you if you don’t recognize and subscribe to that??

So what now- We Appeal. Lots of people shared last night that they are heartbroken that the judge said “NO”. I’m NOT.


It’s a NO but One Day for Others it will be a “Yes” , maybe one day a piece of paper , won’t dictate how ANY of us are views and it’s starting with ME and My XXY Journey.

This NO means this case, This FIRST of its Kind CASE , is going to have its time in front of the District Court of Appeals in Florida. I get to share XXY in front of MORE People!!

I get a Larger playing field. If they say NO we push back again. I fight it for myself and Everything and Everyone that has supported me!! WE SHARE MY STORY!

My STORY is no more Important , then your STORY.

We All Deserve to be Seen in the way we see ourselves and the way we Were CREATED!


It’s a hurdle, but A new possible romance and Tuesday reminded me that there is GOOD and BAD continue to SHOW UP and SHARE!

I know , No one reads this. I have 1 follower lol.

If this post Resonates in Any Way…Share it. Share my Blog. Learn about Intersex and XXY and Share!

Thank you- Juleigh 💜🌈

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  1. I have never really seen the birth certificate change from anyone but a transgender person. It’s an eye opener to see it from your side. Thank you for sharing openly! I believe the only way to make change is by openly sharing your own story