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RBG and Me

Just a thought.

The weekend that RBG Passed , last weekend. I Won my Florida/Alabama Case that cites that Florida recognizes I don’t have to have SRS surgery to be deemed female on my Alabama Birth Certificate. That Florida recognizes that XXY is an Intersex condition and that I’m both Genders. That Intersex individuals do in fact exist and we deserve documentation that reflects that.

This is the first Petition recognized by the State of Florida for Intersex Individuals!! THIS IS THE FIRST! I recognize the Trajectory of this decision and am grateful to my law team. I am grateful to the Judge Samantha Ruiz-Cohen of Miami. A female judge. A judge maybe who was influenced by RBG’s career.

RBG. Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She sat at the highest level of the courts one could sit. The Supreme Court.

RBG was responsible for changing laws and influencing the world on issues like Equality and Gender. RBG’s existence directly influenced my case , because without her existence and career and life , my verdict surely would have been a resounding NO.

That’s what I feel.

I will be sharing my watermark article in the next few weeks.

As many of you know I have moved to Nebraska. I will be starting the process of getting new Drs soon and continuing to educate about XXY and working in my documentary.

There is a funding link I share below. I have to raise 315k and we have set up an LLC. Intersex Films. Big things are happening.


Thank you for your continued support. – Juleigh

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  1. I follow u on tiktok😃. I have since looked up XXY and read a lot about it. And i thank u for enlightenment..i have hrard of this but never fully understood it. Anyways i love what you do to teach others about who you are as a person. You’re a strong beautiful woman and i hope u have a lifetime of happiness. Thank u again for coming out with your story and teaching me something new..💙💙💙