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Bama is where the devil lives

if youve been following this blog at all , you may have been akin to my fight with the state of Alabama over changing my gender on my birth certificate,

In Alabama you have to prove that you had sexual reassignment surgery to be deemed male or female after being born female or male…hope that sentence made sense, I’m mad and currently not worried about grammar or function.

In September a Florida Judge , Honorable Samantha Cohen Ortiz signed in my favor that Florida recognized I did not need surgery as I was born both genders , 47XXY and there fore my Birth Certificate should be amended straight away. It was a landmark victory for Intersex people and paves the way for other Intersex individuals trying to right , wrongs.

Today I went to get my Nebraska DL. everything was working out my social matched, my Florida License was in good order, took the eye test, took my new glamour shot picture. Then they said , All we need is your birth certificate!! I don’t have that. Well ,what about a passport? (You need an updated birth certificate to get a passport) No I don’t have that either. I have my old birth certificate, that has my original Male name on it , its currently being amended with my new judgement, which i have copies of.

NEBRASKA: NO if you give us that we have to put your BOY Name and GENDER down.

We need the official stamp on an official piece of paper saying you are legit!

Good thing your current DL does not run out for a while………..


ALABAMA Get your shit in order please ( I do realize this is like asking a two year old to dress themselves)

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