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I’ve never been called SPECTACULAR

In Pittsburgh last week scientist stumbled upon an rare find? They found a Grosbeak bird that was both genders. the link is below. These scientist are astounded with this find, describing the find as Spectacular and astounding.

I along with so many of my intersex counterparts totally identify with this Bird. Not only are we representative of the fact that God is creating the chromosomal variants in ALL Species but we are identifying on a more spectral level if you will.

Something I find a little innerving is that most of the medical community is that they have never called us “Spectacular”. Recently in the ER in the small city I have moved to, an attending started to cry. When I asked her why she was crying she responded with “Well. you shouldn’t be here, You should of been aborted! Here you are and everything that has presented in your life , you have come through, stronger. YOU had to transition!! and Your telling your story to whoever will listen, and its amazing!” Although, as an actress I didn’t find her omission convincing! Sometimes, you just say thank you and roll on.

Truth is those of us in the know are aware that in 2017 the medical community at large was still telling new parents that had a possibility of having an intersex baby to ABORT them and try again!! 65% of those parents took that advice! 65% and Intersexuality exist in 2% of the global population. We are as common as the red hair gene. Do you know anyone with Red Hair?? Then you probably also know someone intersex. Just think about it.

I am still in the throws of trying to get my house in order for the winter so I am going to jump of here for now!! Have a blessed and wine soaked Hump Day~

Love you mean it, Juleigh

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