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I hope everyone has had an awesome holidays day season. Mine was emotional and harder than I thought it would be. Mix into that fold , issues with Disability and Medicare and switching up my hormone levels , dealing with new issues on my body, well it’s no wonder I didn’t go look for a cave to crawl into.

People that follow this blog have asked about a new post , so here I am on my iPhone laying in bed typing one out before a foot appt at 2pm.

My laptop of Ten years finally bit the dust and I haven’t had the clams to replace her So the phone is where it’s at. I would like to take the time to say Thank you to all my new readers and the comments you send. I am touched by the outpouring of love for sure .

Isn’t Technology amazing? I’m writing this on my Phone! I met an Idol on Facebook and told her about XXY So that she could read the blog.

The use of social media and connectivity is allowing people to talk about XXY and KS it’s pushing the boundaries.

Today I’m going to my podiatrist. My team of doctors are concerned with some pressure point sores/wounds that have been on the top of my feet for about a year if not more. Situated right on top of my ankle bone they rub on shoes , socks and of course break open due to joint activity. Thankfully since zi can’t feel anything due to the neuropathy below my knees they don’t hurt.

Last year while grocery shopping a woman made a huge deal about them while in the check out line. Trying not to show my mortified reaction while being called out I simply said “Oh, I was cast as Jesus in our Easter Passion Play! These are the Nail wounds from when I’m on the Cross. I’m a method actor!” THAT shut the woman up and she left with her mouth on the floor. The staff at the store broke out into applause. I left happy in my retort but mad that I had to defend myself.

I learned this past year that the wounds are Caused by my “Systemic Lupus” that those kind of things are common. I also learned the diabetes doesn’t help added to the fact that the XXY autoimmunity issues do not help either. The Estrogen should aide in healing and it has a little but not fast enough , so Off I go today.

I will keep you All notified

In other news I am going to try to travel more in 2019 , While also looking for ways to get out there and speak about my Journey.

In an update No infection in the Bone, Wounds are caused by SystemicLupus and I will be having them scraped to remove bacteria in February and then a Skin Grafting surgery performed in April

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