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You Broke my Heart

You Broke My ❤️

Everything seemed wonderful for almost 2 weeks . We Spent close to 336 Hours together. We shared feelings and emotions, thoughts, laughter. You told me you were not ready for a relationship, you said that you would keep me as an option. You said I was easy to fall in love with. You cared for me , in my time of need you comforted me, bathed me and challenged me. Then when someone from your past threatened to tell the world that you loved something different, you shut down and shut me out. We never got to talk about it. We never got closure. I never heard from you again.

You were the last person that I thought would Ghost me. Now I’ve been Ghosted by more Men than a haunted house.🤣🤣👻☠️

Ironically, You taught me that There ARE men out there that will and can Love me for ME

That it won’t Always be about the Sex and fetishized notions that seem to follow being Intersex and Trans.

I let my walls down with you, I let you in. In your silence you have destroyed me.

I wonder on the daily, if I’ll see you around town? Do you think about me when you look in your drawing pad, when you come across a tank top, a bathing suit, did you save any of our pictures together?? WAS ANY OF IT REAL??

I’m sorry for my part in the shit storm and yet I cannot tell you that because you shut me out!! You said to me Our Friendship would stay intact….

The words to this song by Alexandra Burke seem to say it all

https://youtu.be/-vJB0iXSZpgYou Broke my Heart

I’m adding your tag to this post so maybe one day you’ll read it.

We had such beautiful believable plans of things we were going to do in the future. Some days I wake up and want such vengeance, to date someone handsome and better and parade in front of you so you’ll see that I’ve moved on. What you let slip through your fingers…you even said to me that you didn’t want me NOT to be in your life in some form!!

Other days I want to be back with you watching you at the skate park or watching horror flicks and feeling your breath on my neck.

We had said that we felt like we had known each other from a different time. Maybe we meet in each lifetime and this was it for this lifetime??

Take me to the lifetime where I get to stay with you. DMC

It’s almost like you Knew. The last moment I saw you….

You Broke my heart

If you ever have the chance to love someone like me again and someone tries to destroy it…fight for it. My love is worth fighting for too.

-Juleigh 💕

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