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What Am I going through Daily

Well! I can’t Whip my Shirt Off and Flash you my Boobs!!!

I have been blessed with people in my inner circle that surround me and ask “Are you OK?”

They Know what I deal with

Sometimes in Public I have to sit on the floor , like the other day at Sweet Tomato with my friend Kendra fixing my naked Patato. She Knew I was waxing and waining, I had Just said ” Strangers approach me and go into “Panic Mode” , I appreciate the offer but I know my body best and I don’t want a fuss made! Then a Stranger , as if on Cue said “Miss!! Are You OK!!”

I replied with “Don’t mind Me, I’m just like to Draw Attention and Shift Focus in Public! I’ll be fine!!”

Man “Well, Don’t you think there are better ways to do it??!”

Me ” Well sure there are, but I get in trouble for taking my shirt off and flashing you my Boobs!!”

Kendra almost dropped her Potato on the floor , lol

Humor is indeed needed

So , on the Daily what am I dealing with?

Lupus Robs me of my Energy….

A simple shower makes me want a nap , sometimes I fall asleep in the shower, sometimes I crawl out of it.

I don’t have the energy to cook a meal so I microwave a lot if anything at all

Lupus also seems to manifest in intersex people in ulcers on the legs and feet

I’ve been told I’m not Diabetic but Intersex people do Run with abnormally high Blood Glucose levels. My Normal functioning range is 400! The US Medical Community recommends it be between 80 to 120 . In most 600 would be a diabetic Coma , to give you pause.

My Endo said he like me around 220

After my Toe being amputated in 2015. Anne Toelyn! I lost all feeling in both my Legs and Feet below the Knees!

So imagine sitting on your legs for a few hours and trying to walk and find feet placement….

Part of the reason I have to take so much estrogen is because of Lupus and The Osteoporosis of the lower back and spine….

What I may not feel below the knees is often inflamed and is Super noticeable in my lower back my Thighs and my Shoulders

My Retinas Bleed…..yup

Every Month I go see my Sexy Eye Doctor and he INJECTS avastin into the whites of my eye that’s two shots per eye. About 16,000$ an eye and it renders me Blind for about a day

I have Epilepsy it’s controlled. But, when I get super zapped and run down I seizure. It might not always be noticeable to you but I’m a Pro at feeling them coming and often Self Soothe to try and shift the outcome.

Now you know.

I don’t want your pitty. I’m telling you so you see that with all this going on, I get up and get out in the world and I Move On.

We all are dealing with Something, Be Good to yourself and be Kind to others!!

That’s all I ask💕 -Juleigh

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