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TikTok Don’t Stop, Alister and A Website

The phenomenon of TikTok ya’ll!

Maybe you are on it, Maybe your not. Maybe in the course of the bleak pandemic you fell into an abyss of 60 sec video clips or even 15 sec clips and quickly realized you’ve wasted countless hours under a blanket on a new found TikTok crush or pointless dribble about random nothings, Boys in grey sweatpants and no shirts, with abs you could literally wash your clothes on, drag queens, Women with Wine spoofing lines from their favorite movies and shows, countless dances and tons of people who own spider monkeys! Its easy to fall in a TikTok hole. Like a “K” Hole from the 90’s.

Pre-covid I checked it out and made an account.

It was March of 2020

its December 17th and I now have amassed 44.6 Thousand followers. I think that’s a Great number, especially for my content and how much of it is XXY related. Recently though I made a TOK about a woman claiming I was talking to her Husband. I eluded that It was possible and if in fact he is engaged with me , she has a bigger problem on his hands. He likes “Hidden Candy”….it was bold. it was me sharing with the world that I have a Penis (Albeit Small , like a game show buzzer. I often call it my “Clitterdick”. That tok in one weekend gained me 7k new followers!!! 

It also shined a light on a bigger issue on TikTok. BULLIES and HATERS are RAMPANT. Anger, my friends, moral turpitude and loathing are in a chaotic flux in the world.

There is also a whole world of wonderfully, amazing , caring people that honestly want to engage and help others. As my follower base has grown I have given a lot of love out and gotten a lot of love back. most of my current kitchen was furnished by followers. My Dentures were repaired and a whole new Team has been made available to me to grow my brand!! I now amd headed from Nebraska to Texas to spend the Christmas Holidays with a new found friend and the trip was paid for courtesy of Her and another Friend also made on TIKTOK!! Im not sure WHY or How this has happened, But Its a Whole Vibe and I am here for it.


Anybody see Monsters Inc…I just saw a older couple walk thru the terminal in full hazmat outfits and their carryon’s . some peop;e are a little insane and Its a vibe and I am also here for that, LOL (Back to this Blog)

TikTok has opened some very fulfilling relationships but also some weird ones, and that is common on the internet I guess! That brings me to A-lister.

In one of my lives ( One of the ways you can talk to viewers on the App) A gentleman rolled in and started to chat me up. told other participants in the chat that he was an A-List Actor living in Dallas , Tx and started throwing clues to his identity around. No one could figure it out. He and I began to chat about the industry and what we loved about acting…shared passions, goals and things have moved pretty fast from that initial engagement… I had to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) I thought this would give me more access to him , but still I’m in the dark about him or his motives for the most part. I do know him and who he is but our time on the phone is regulated to early morning conversation about nothing serious. I love hearing from him but wonder if I am entertaining him for the right reasons or for my selfish agendas. I don’t know…I have feelings for him and those have started to grow…But lets be honest Just being nice to me an winking at me can cause my panties to drop!!

One of the other opportunities that has evolved from TikTok has been personal growth and a new endeavor in an effort to pool my resources together on the world wide web. JustJuleigh.com 

All things Juleigh in One place. My story, my advocacy, my comedy, My passions my Brand!

Im currently in Texas with My New Bff Mary. Holidays and hugs!

Be better

Love you all

Love you mean it <-Juleigh

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