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I believe XXYs are Closer to GOD - Just Juleigh

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Picture of Juleigh Mayfield

Juleigh Mayfield

I believe XXYs are Closer to GOD

That totally makes sense to me. Ive often heard that Children who are different, who have disabilities and unique abilities can see thru the veil. Maybe they are more sensitive. They often tell stories of seeing and believing in the paranormal. I was raised Christian and I have to admit, Ive always had a penchant for seeing and hearing my Lord. I also have witnessed a lot of Ghost and come into my fair share working as a Customer Serve Front Desk Agent on the Beloved Queen Mary as well as A Historical and Haunted Tour Guide on the Same Ship. I was even Mentioned in a book on ghostly encounter on the ship , By famed author Nicole Strickland. Ive finally been Published.

That Queen Mary stuff will be in a another Blog…….

This Blog post is just an excerpt to break up the XXY History of the first two blogs


Up until the age of Nine, Life was chaotic. Between trying to deal with all the things we didn’t know were XXY related, My mother was going thru a huge headache of being discriminated against by her place of employment. our house was filled with documents and paper, our parents really didn’t have time for us as they were consumed with this. Women in her work place were treated less than then Men and the women who stood up to the injustices were sought out and Chastised, Threatened and some committed suicide. It was heated and in a way It felt like it was going to rip our family apart. Thats the South for you.

1 afternoon, I remember having a tussle on my bike, riding home, going in our room (I shared with Bing Bong) and crying. I had a really cool toy that Hung on the door and when you pulled the strings it shimmed up the door like a jail break.

It was in this moment that my whole bedroom filled up with a bright , White Blinding light. The room got super warm and silent and then I heard a calming voice, like a grandfather or wise man. it simply said ” Dry your tears, I’m sending your family a gift! it will repair all of you! Do not speak of this gift till I tell you its OK.” The voice left, the room returned to normal , the tears dried….and I went on , knowing I had a secret.


In 1983, My family moved to TEXAS…A new beginning a new school, new challenges…

I did enjoy that my Uncle, My Moms younger brother was a quasi Celebrity in Dallas, as a News Anchor with Channel 8 News. He took us everywhere and I always got to wear his Purple RayBans. I thought I was super cool in those young years, even with all my internal struggles and life with very few friends.


In 1984 My Mamaw came to visit( My Dads Mom) I loved her very much. She was southern too a fault and strong, and governing, the true matriarch of our family. I do not know where we were coming from but do remember my Mom and Dad in the front seat BingBong in the back left side My Mamaw, riding the hump and Me behind my Mother. W were on the highway and it was raining. I heard that same , Wise, Calming Voice say “Now!” So, I said “Guess What Mamaw!?? , “Mom is Pregnant! We are Having a Baby!!”

I was SO Proud of myself, Mamaw was Estatic, Everyone else was in the car, mouths on the ground, swerving in the rain…..

When we returned home, and after Mamaw had calmed down I got the SPANKING of my LIFE…My Bottom was black and Blue the nest day.I was yelled at for telling Stories and why would I say that and in general I was SHUT down. My Mamaw left a few days later and I went to school dejected. About a week after thet went down, I came home and wanted to spend the night with a friend. I was told I couldnt, and that Dad was on his way home to talk with me…My Mom was acting weird and All I could think of was…What did I do at school, I need a Back up story at Once…My mind was in panic mode…If we had a two story house I would have been tying bed sheets together LOL.

My Dad came home, I heard a knock at the door. He and my Mother proceeded to enter my room. I was Cornered! HELP!!

My mother was in tears, My Dad said ” Your Mom went to the Dr. today….She is 3 weeks Pregnant…How did you Know?” I was hesitant to speak of my knowledge, But I asked for an apology and then said” GOD” told me, I told them of my experience in the bedroom a few years back and they told me about the gift of prophacey in the Bible and how to make sure I’m speaking to God. They also wanted me to ask very specific question when I pray and maybe I will get an response. They wanted to know the details I guess.



A few weeks passed and one night I walked into the den and said to my Dad, “I asked…Its going to be a Girl, She is going to be born on the Sabbath and she is going weigh 9 pounds 8 ounces with Hazel eyes and dark hair. I found out later My Dad had told my Mom that he didnt believe it because there had Only been 1 girl (My Cousin) in his side of the family in 64 years. I also didn’t know what the sabbath meant.

I remember curious things during her pregnancy, For 1 there was not a lot of focus on me or my older brother. I remember My Mom playing classical music on her belly for the baby. The baby only seemed to really move around at an aerobic pitch When Amy Grant’s” Angles Watching Over Me ” was playing. They played that song a lot to get her to move, We would sit an laugh and watch, She was a daughter of Christ and She was going to change our lives.

My Sister was born 2 weeks early, On a Sunday (sabbath) Night. April 14th, 1985 .We went to church that morning and my Mothers Doctor was upset she attended and should of been home resting. I remember My Mom eating a piece of chocolate cake and a Dole Pineapple Bar and her water was breaking. She didn’t seem to be in a rush at all.

My Great Grandfather was there with my Great Grandmother on my Mothers side. My Brother and I were watching Poltergiest on the waiting room TV. The wall had just opened up and the Clown under the bed was being sucked into the Paranormal vortex as they signaled us to come to the nursery. I scan the plastic cribs and found our name…She was Everything. The card on the crib read 9pds/8 onces Hazel eyes Female and she had Brown Hair. My dad told me to pick up the phone and said “You say Hi to her first, You knew from the beginning!”

I wasn’t sure what to say, Or feel in that moment. I finally felt like My parents believed me, and that would continue to believe me and listen to me about anything in the future. I also had a Baby Sister Someone who I felt like on so many levels, Someone I could use as a conduit for all my girl feelings…Does that make sense?

I went on to witness and Know about my Uncles suicide, I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone  about that The News Anchor…So My Mom had to struggle on that subject, that was a year later in 1986 and then in January of 1987 I woke up screaming.We had Just moved to Houston, TX and I felt like our house was super haunted! Anyway I told my Mom and Dad that GG was going to die and we needed to go see him…My Mom said “we are going to go see him on Spring Break, March 1st.” I asked If they trusted me? We left the next day to go see them early. Earl, My GG was the greatest!! He smoked cigars and gave me the rings, he carved things and was artistic, He had great wisdom, good morals and had lived a true and giving life. My Parents were in Russia once and their visa’s almost ran out…Bing Bong and I were staying with them and it was Raining hard, we were supposed to go to the Jackson Zoo. We couldn’t Go. GG asked what our favorite animals were…We said Monkeys! he climbed up in the oak Tree and hung by his legs…he was 75!!! I was 2 He and my Mother were super close. My Mother had asked GG once when it would be time for him to Go? His reply was when a Spitting image of you is up and running! I think subconsciously , My mother thought he would never leave her…They were not planning on having more kids after Me. In my dream, I saw GG die in the Blue Room of their house, with My GG Winne , holding him and the Praying hands Sculpture by Albrect Durer at the foot of his bed. When we got to Jacksom Mississippi we spent a few days with them and then loaded in the car to come home. My Brother and Dad and i were waiting in the van as My mother and Sister who had just began walking chatted in the front yard. They hugged and chatted and My Mother put my sister into the car so we could buckle her in and she looked at my dad and began to cry. My Dad said “What’s wrong?” My Mom said, ” GG said She is up and running”  My Sister was wearing a bubble gum pink sweat outfit with cute balloons on the front with her initials…rolling in the grass , laughing, tumbling My dad said “So, what does that mean?” My mom said ” Brad, tell him!” I replied with ” We are never going to see him again!”.

March 1st, I came down the stairs of our house, I was told privately that GG had passed away in the night. In the Blue Room, in Winnie’s arms with The praying hands at the foot of the bed.

I believe in God. I believe in his messages to us , directly and indirectly. The years prior to my sisters birth and the years until High school I struggled with a tremendous amount of loss. It taught me a few things. Everyone is going thru something. Everyone, loses something , someone. Life is a challenge. I thought that my life after that was going to be different, better maybe. I had no idea how worse it could get. What I would loose.

Today, I can say that it all has been apart of the cocoon that has altered me. The Metamorphosis was happening the cocoon was beginning to form.

The Statue of the hands was left to me along with a picture of my GG with Curls from the early 1900s They currently reside at my parents house.



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3 Responses

  1. Like I’ve said before, you’re AMAZING!!! Thanks for posting this it’s quite unique just like you are. I’ve found that I too have special abilities given to me from Great Mystery(Apache meaning God).
    I’ve asked God to give u strength, will power, & determination to overcome these tough times & that peace be restored to you.
    Four Winds my friend

  2. I was raised Episcopalian but other than loving pope organ music, never had any connections with religion. I’ve always believed in God just didn’t feel it until I became Over the Road truck driver. I use to run 48 states & Canada averaging 600-1500 mile trips & frequently found no place to park for sleeping. Then I started talking to God & asked if he/she would help me. Every time I’d ask, God always came through.
    About 5 years before we had twin girls, my wife n I would spend our free time working teen dances in country town in Pa. I became close friends with Apache Spiritual Advisor, he taught me ways of his people & all Native Americans. After my girls were born & became very sick, bout 3-6 months old, I asked my friend to come over to house(I was stay-at-home dad). And when he came in Ella, who was sickest, turned around with big smile n ran to him! Neither one of them ever met him before. Our girls were born with HLH, rare blood disease. In April 2004 they had bone marrow transplants to put disease at bay & it seemed to work until end of July when Ella got really sick again so I called Wild Eagle n he did prayers.
    She died April 5,2004 & her twin Grace survived but with no immune system, even to this day.
    About 5 years ago one of Grace’s girlfriends was having strange things happening in her house. I went there & talked to her parents(friends of ours) they said little boy came over to visit their son of same age & when he left dog n cat making weird noises, everybody was negative at each other. I called Wild Eagle n he told me I had to do smudging of their house. I have abolonie she’ll n burned white sage, cedar, sweet grass, & tobacco. As I was smudging I repeated prayers n blessings to spirits that were there n told them they were free to go. Next day everything returned to normal for them. Later found out that 19 yr old boy shot himself in woods near their property.
    In 2012 I became my mothers guardian after she had stroke n my father couldn’t care for her. Even though she was in nursing homes I had to physically take care of her myself. Everything from diaper changes to feeding. She kept having strokes n was in excruciating pain n bed ridden. I couldn’t burn herbs in her room but asked Great Mystery for help to relieve her pain, so I ask him/her to transfer her pain n suffering to me, & it did.
    She died Oct 8, 2014 day before my birthday. I was bleeding from stomach issues & almost died Oct 30, 2014. I was admitted to hospital n received 6 pints of blood n released 2 days later. I still suffer from unexplained bleeding issues even after numerous tests. But I continue to put needs of others before mine cuz that’s why I’m here.