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So Long 2019

If you follow this Blog, I have not posted in a while.

Life gets so Crazy sometimes.

I just posted this on FaceBook-

Everyone is posting their year end reviews….

I think we can all Agree that 2019 was HARD. As a New friend said…The Whole Decade has been Hard.

In 2010 I had just returned to LA.

I saw my shining star take off.

Things were happening, then in 2012 my Body started to succumb to so many issues due to being XXY.

2012 Found a Great encouraging community within M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater

Had an explosive Hit with My Improv Show “Dragged Thru The Alley”

Made lifelong friends . Breathed new life into my Talent Chops

Was blessed to be in “First in Flight” and work with Brandon Hess and Tara Tucker Hess

That experience got me My #SAGAFTRA Card!! Forever Grateful

Started working at the Queen Mary

Lost all my teeth

2015 brought a Dream Vacation to Ireland and England (I loved it so much I left a Toe behind!!🤣)

with two of the dearest people in my life. One who was like a father to me and is at the end of his journey now. Liam Allison Daltene Denly-Blum

That Hospital stay encouraged me to delve more into my XXY and Why my body was suffering

2016 I moved back to Florida rekindled Friendships lost

@Department384 @Sugarbean @Discovery Cove Peeps and New Adventures with Friends that had never been absent along with trips back and forth to Hospitals

2018 Gave me a Second Chance At Life (Albeit a Difficult Decision) that has had its effect on others as well as myself.

But Life indeed is a miracle we all have taken for granted at some point and it showed me I was indeed A Phoenix. Here I thought my Spirit Animal was a Spider Monkey 🤣🤣 Alas I crawled into a Cocoon- Alone , Unsure of the Outcome.

2019- DEEP Breath. Lots of Deep Steady, Breaths

Skin Grafting and Healing-

More adventures with Dear Friends on the east and west coast

Failed Relationships

I cut out some toxicity. (I miss things about them EVERYDAY )

-but Not The constant struggle to be Loved Unconditionally, Or the need felt to constantly try to Please them as That’s NOT what I was put on Earth to do.

I’ve started to make a way back into being Creative, Held an Oscar, Had my first acting gig since becoming Juleigh, forever grateful to #EpicEntertainment and David Wally and the Talent Team!! Of #DarkHorizonOrlando

learned a LOT about what it means to be in a NEW Body, Learned more than I already knew about MEN 🤪 Got involved in advocacy. Seeking Changes in the topography of Eqaulity for Intersex individuality in the State of Florida and Alabama just so I can get my Passport, but also to shine a light on 47XXY

Producing a Documentary about my Journey…….(ongoing)

I don’t say all this to pat my self on the back.

I say it to remind you all that


Is a learning Curve! We Really DO Metamorphosis as we get older, You can GROW or you can succumb to a very Stagnant Existence indeed.

But for those of us (All of US) that Struggle with Something, That Have Heavy Burdens (We all have something we deal with)

When you look in that mirror today . In a casual glance as you get ready, or a quick make up check or looking in the rear view mirror or God Forbid taking a Bathroom Selfie , you see a Reflection of Strength, Empathy for Others, A Kind Soul and THEN My Hope for you as you take a few steps back and Open your Wings is that you see

A Rainbow of Dark Spots tempered with Vibrant Threads and Ribbons of Colors.

Your Tapestry-

A kaleidoscope of UP’s and Down’s and all around’s that create the Beauty of YOU!


Here’s to 2020 💕

May you have a Spectacular Night Ringing in The New Year!!

If I don’t see you then Know I LOVE DEEPLY every single one of you!!

Every Single One.

You Each have added to my Wings in ways you’ll never Know💕

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