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Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Juleigh

Chaotic and consumed at some points , I have relocated and am no longer in Nebraska!

I was watching the very funny Julia Lewis Dryfus in the wildly popular sitcom “The New Adventures of Old Christine” last night on TV and thought, I am nothing like her character but boy howdy dose that title fit me right now. The New Adventures of old Juleigh. you are only as old as you feel, I mean I only feel old occasionally.

I think I feel old because of the physicality of things, sure but here are some things that also make me feel older.

I am at that age where safety goes out the window , and I take risk

I’m dating men sometimes 10 years younger than myself , usually because they are sexy AF and have tight, taught bodies, but also because they tend to understand Intersex better than any of their older counterparts.

Walt Disney World is 50 years old today and I used to Bell Kick, Pas Da Bourree, and Jazz hand down the street while wearing fur, 25 years ago!! WHAT!! How did that happen.

they say age is just a number.

Don’t worry, I am not trying to gloss over all that has happened in the last few weeks. It has been a whirl wind for sure.

Chaotic and consumed at some points , I have relocated and am no longer in Nebraska!

NEBRASKA is a beautiful state, That’s about all I can say about it. I met a few people and in a year made a few friends but on the whole that whole state was a part of my past I want to completely erase, I believe every situation has pro’s and cons. here are mine for my time in Nebraska.


Would have never have met my “Team” and gotten a Website and Podcast had Blaire Fanning of Russell Johns MCA not seen my struggle and Story on Tik Tok.

I never would have realized for myself that I am indeed a force to be reckoned with.

I had the opportunity to meet 2 of the top gender specialist in the country and share my story and take their Advice

I feel I made a few really connected friendships

I was able to get my “King Louie Breast” (Thank you XXY) upgraded to a healthy , envied at sometimes Chest

(My breast thanks to gynecomastia (man boobs due to xxy) looked like a hairless king Louie, from Disney’s Jungle Book)


I lost a Toe , Again

Some people in this state, are PRUDE and JUDGMENTAL during the day only to do things at night that pull the very Paint of the Steeple.

METHHEADS EVERYWHERE Like an episode of the walking dead

2nd State outside of UTAH for SWINGERS ( i don’t have a problem with Swingers , you do you…but it literally makes dating for a single gal , hard AF because everyone has slippery morals and is already attached

Death Threats, Angry Lesbians, False representations, the list goes on and on

Now i am back in Georgia and already having some adventures of sort.

Some of you know I had housing set up for my return to the South. among arrival that fell thru. So I have been seeing the best of Savannah thru the eyes of Airbnb. Some people have suggested just living in an extended stay Airbnb, Lets just say that as wonderful as that could be even the cheapest rooms in the are nightly could throw you into the $1800 range a month and that is OUT of my price range

while I have also checked into public housing and programs that are designated for individuals on Disability , There is NOTHING Available. I also just found out my SSDI monthly payment was lowered by $150 a month to offset my Medicare payment. So now I make a whopping $916.00 a month I have to make work.

I found a room to rent in Savannah for now and its $400 a month. I payed my first month today. It is a beautiful House and I will have access to a bathroom shared with one other roommate ,the kitchen, living room and laundry. basic House privileges’.

Close friends have started to refer to me as the “Snow White of Savannah”! Why? you may ask?

This room is tiny, a twin bed a table and a small dresser

in a Household of 5 men

4 of whom I have not met yet

I move in October 12th when I return from Orlando for Come Out With Pride next weekend.

Today I did my due diligence and applied for state assistance and updated my address with Social Security Administration. As a New guy I’m dating has said. Get her Done! The men are sweet like Ice Tea here and I have missed the chivalry and gentlemen eques attitude.

well its time to say hello to my tiktokers and put a face on!!

thank you for joining me on this journey


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3 Responses

  1. Welcome to GA, Juleigh!
    Savannah is a really neat place. I’m glad you sorted out a living space already.
    I hope things here offer you some great opportunities. Thanks for sharing your stories with us, and for your openness. I can’t believe you worked at Disney! I used to dance at Disneyland in CA, and I know many of the ‘late 90s’ kids from WDW in Florida also. We probably have some mutual friends!
    Take care and have an awesome week!