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I Did This Thing-


This past summer of 2019 has been all about planting seeds for my not so stable future.

Not knowing where my Health will take me or where financially I’ll be and even a love life? ( The latter is probably NOT a Priority) or maybe shouldn’t be. OK! The latter is definitely a Distraction!!

I am trying to cultivate my creativity again and start working when the lupus and health allows it.

I am trying to engage people in wanting to learn more about what I’ve been thru in my journey, but Also as an XXY.

So in September, as a way to have a platform.

As a way to challenge the status quo

As a way to show the masses that you can have a million things wrong with you and still feel admired and adored


Now a Good Month in I Have a SHOT

This week in 4 days is the top 5 Cut for my grouping that started with 40 girls! I’m thrilled with the support I’ve had from family and friends and strangers!

If you’d like to vote for me you get 1 free Vote Every 24 hours by logging into Facebook by clicking this link below

You may Also do a “Warrior” Vote. Warrior votes are a matched vote for the amount of money you donate to my cause of the Wounded Warrior Project supporting The Jared Allen House.

Please support our military and please support me.

My goal was to just get far enough into the Competition to have a blurp in the magazine about having XXY and having the chance to advocate for others like me!!

Ty for reading

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