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Maybe I’m triggered. Yes , Lets use that word…Triggered! Why? you may ask. It seems of late the scientific world nand regular people for that much are stumbling across Intersex “Situations” represented in other living animals and keep calling it Rare!! Or Hard to study! Intersex happens in every living species. In the Human world we make up 2% of the global population and the medical community for Years or rather Decades have marginalized us or suggested to parents we be killed and to try again later.

The medical community does not want to study us or research us



Weve existed for decades ne Centuries.

Now, we’ve started to appear and tell our stories. A grosbeak was found over the summer and it was an intersex bird. A Lobster was found in 2014 and it was Intersex. A blue whale has the xxy gene…Its happening everywhere , these RARE discoveries. Am I triggered, yes because I want my community tonot have to live under a false headline of Rare. We are as common as the red hair gene!

In any case here is the article about the Cardinal and the Lobster

A cardinal that is half male, half female puzzles scientists, delights birdwatchers (nbcnews.com)

Incredibly Rare Half Blue Male-Female Lobster – Hoax Or Fact

Scientists have found a rare half-male, half-female songbird – CNN

Literally in every species….God doesn’t make mistakes. How blind to think he creates this or the Universe for that matter if you dont believe in God. But How blind to know it esxist in every other living being and then NOT in humans!!

Juletones, Here is what I know.

  1. God does not Make Mistakes!
  2. Its been discovered in Mammals, Birds, Crustaceans and Fish and HUMANS
  3. People call it RARE because they have no knowledge of INTERSEX ANYTHING because the medical Community isn’t Talking about It!!
  4. I Love you all!! Thanks for your support~Juleigh

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