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Every Moment is a Teaching Moment

Sure, some XXYs don’t want to share their story. How they have survived or Maybe haven’t grasped their conundrum.

It’s difficult for us to reach out and Share.

Since NIH interceded , I’ve had a clear but difficult path. I’m Blessed that my Drs in Orlando we’re invested in me enough to take the recommendations the NIH suggested.

I know other XXYs who have returned from NIH and have been shunned, ridiculed and rejected by their current at Home Doctors. I talk with them and too them and encourage them to find Drs that will listen. Embrace and Grow.

Today, I went with a friend to her Dr appt and spoke with her PA who had heard of Klinefelter’s but not 47XXY (Its the same) I told Sophia all about my Journey in Hopes she will Read and Share and Expand.

Every Moment is a Teaching Moment!!

I’ll tell whoever will listen!

Who knows how I can do a Ted Talk??

Thank you Sophia for allowing me to Share My Journey with you!!

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