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Juleigh Mayfield

Central Alabama Pride was a success

Alabama Pride welcomes Juleigh Mayfield , Intersex Actress and Advocate and Hometown Girl

Hi everyone. June has been a whirlwind of events and experiences and I havent had the time to breathe , much less catch a break long enough to blog and Y’all know how bad I am at doing that so expect a few extra post in the next few days, catching you up to speed!

Central Alabama Pride went of without a hitch June 9,10th and 11th for JustJuleigh.

I was honored to be asked to ride in the Parade on June 10th and then on the 12th was asked to represent TIKTOK as a creator who supports Intersex awareness , the intersex community and of course the rest of the LGBTQIA family.

The festival was at Linn Park this year and CAP was celebrating Their “Sapphire” anniversary. Other notable creators from TIKTOK were present as well, Like Ophelia Nichols better known as Mama Tot, Chazzanator, BhamBlueDot, June Roger AKA Landon Ried, CharlieDiaz, ShinningNathan and Many Many more. Here are some Pictures and Congrats to Central Alabama Pride for a succesful weekend.

JustJuleigh would like to thank Ben Johanason for The Intersex Ribbons

Adorn Embellishments of Ocala, Florida and Designer Chris Weaver for Juleigh’s Parade Jewlery

and TURO and Private owner Dayton for use of his BMW Convertible, the only convertible in town that weekend.

Also would like to thank CAP and the Hilton UAB for the wonderful accommodations

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