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Juleigh Mayfield

Manny, Nate and Ethan

So many within the intersex community are sterile. Beyond that So many in the LGBTQ+ community struggle to have children as well. Adoption in these situations, can be the perfect most resolute response to such situations. There are so many children in the system though, and sometimes children will not get the chance to be found and loved.

What happens in those situations? Older children. Everyone deserves a chance to be a part of something bigger. To find love and acceptance in a safe place, to find a sense of safety and belonging. Sometimes Lightning strikes. Sometimes a young man longing for visibility and acceptance in his own life, dons a rainbow hoodie and makes a YouTube video about overcoming doubt, finding himself and championing the “under dogs” . Then Two guys who yearn to be two Dads find him. its a perfect opportunity to change lives, perceptions and to give that one young man a fighting chance.

Join us tomorrow night on Our YouTube channel JustJuleigh to hear about Ethan”s Journey into Nate and Manny’s Life

7pm eastern

join us to experience this amazing story!

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