XXYine Just Juleigh Insulated Wine Tumbler
Picture of Juleigh Mayfield

Juleigh Mayfield

Lady Bradford or Maybe a Lady Juleigh

Tumbler in Photo can be purchased at justjuleigh.com with 5$ of total sale going to XXY Research

If you have been paying attention to my last few podcast, ( Rose All Day and Juleigh’s a Mess) You may have heard us talk about a Drink that was coined many years ago in California and Named for Juleigh. Although it was named a “Lady Bradford” at the time , the drink itself became a favorite at the local bar “The Hook Up ” that it was created at. We at JustJuleigh.com invite you to try this easy drink, great in a glass or in batches for summer parties.

You will need

Hypnotq Liquor (Blue) Standard Pour or Juleigh style (Heavy Pour)

Pineapple Juice

Cranberry Juice


Cocktail Shaker

In Cocktail Shaker place Ice, Equal parts of juices and heavy pour of Hypnotq


pour all contents of shaker into a rocks glass or into your new “XXY-ine” insulated tumbler available on JustJuleigh.com under the Store Tab


Spring Is Here! Let us know what you think!!

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