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Juleigh Mayfield

Juleigh is getting Noticed!

This Comment was left in an Intersex Counseling Discussion by psychologist Tom Marks:

“I just watched the interviews with the lovely Juleigh Mayfield on YouTube censorship and “not your average 47xxy.” on the original intersex connect live platform. As an actress, she has such a flair for the camera and for storytelling and the versatility for playing different genders and crossing gender boundaries. it’s fascinating that her hormonal gender change from predominantly male to predominantly female happened for the purpose of longevity rather than gender identification. I love that either way, she identifies more as intersex or intersex female rather than a narrow binary sense of gender and revels in the freedom to go in any direction. even better, she stayed with her true intersex identity rather than faking trans status for expediency in changing her legal status to female. she is a dream come true as an intersex representative and advocate.”

We at JustJuleigh think so too, Tom!

Here is her original interview on the Original Intersex Connect Live Podcast from June!

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