Juleigh Mayfield

Juleigh Mayfield

Chasing Dreams

I decided 2019 would be a year of Change for me. I could sit in my room and Rot, I guess. I sometimes think that’s what is expected of me. To succumb to the perils that XXY subject me to.

Sunday Feb. 24th 2019 I got dressed making sure to hide the Lupus induced Holes on my feet. I wrapped them in Coban and panty hose. I took a B12 Shot to hide the fatigue induced by Lupus and Epilepsy and my XXY.

I knew the excitement and parties would sorely drain me. Possibly rendering me somewhat motionless on Monday (It Did!)

I put on a Elegant Romper that hid my Klinefelter XXY Stomach, which I’m constantly self conscious about. Put on my Best face and went to spend the evening with Peers to Celebrate, Revel and Foster possible connections to tell the world about XXY and our community. I committed to do something while fulfilling a personal Dream.

People Will listen, People will watch, People WILL participate in Your STORY if your willing to SHARE it!!

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